Crunch Time

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO GET YOUR CRUNCH APPAREL!  Be sure to order your Crunch apparel by the end of the day!

Down and Backs: Knee Pull; Hip Pull; Quad Pull; toe touch; Lateral walk; Lunge; Tip toe walk;  high kicks; high knee; butt kick;

 2 rounds (light weight) 

Front and Lat Raise 8/8 (light weight) 

Skill: Shoulder Press: as you work up in weight, focus on good overhead bar placement.  Keeps Glutes and Core tight as bar travels overhead.

EMOM x 15

Minute 1: Shoulder Press x 7 (#95#55#35) 

Minute 2: Hollow Rock x 15 or 30 sec Hollow Hold

Minute 3: Calories Assault Bike x 10/7 

4 rounds for reps

Max Rep Push Ups

10 V- Ups 

Prowler Push 2 way

  • Score is total Push Ups, rest as needed between Prowler and starting push ups