"Work Those Weaknesses"

Do you know someone interested in The Crunch?!?! Well, starting January 4, 2016 we will be starting an intro bootcamp. Price for the intro class will be $70 for up to 12 sessions, but if you sign up before Christmas, you get 20% off!!

Warm Up (NFT):

3 Rounds (Down & Back):

  • High Knees
  • Butt Kicks
  • Side Shuffle
  • Lunge


3 Rounds:

  • 50 Jump Rope
  • 20 Mountain Climbers on Gliders


  • Banded Shoulder Distraction (1 Min. per side)

Skill (NFT):

Spend a few minutes working on toes to bar or knees to elbows.  If you normally do knee raises, work on knees to elbows.  If you normally do knees to elbows, work on toes to bat.  Really try to challenge yourself today.  You can either do what you normally do in the workout, or if it feels good, try your new move.

Strength (EMOM for 12 Minutes):

  • 1) 10 TTB/K2E/Knee Raises
  • 2) 10 BB Bent Over Row (95/65/45)
  • 3) 3 Reverse Wall Walk or 30 sec. inverted plank

Met-Con (21-15-9):

  • DB Push Press (AHAP)
  • Med Ball Sit Ups
  • Push Ups
  • Calorie Row

Mobility (NFT):

  • Banded Shoulder Distraction
  • Cobra
  • Foam Roll