Warm Up: 400m or 10/7 Cal Bike 

5 Min AMRAP or 2 sets: 
20 PVC Pass Thru 
10/10 Chainsaw (light)
Lateral Band Walk 
:30 Farmers Carry 

Weighted Strict Pull Ups
*scale to a tough 3 set (strict or banded) 

EMOM X 21 MIn 
MIn 1- 200m Run
MIn 2- 10 Box Jumps
Min 3- Athlete Choice
*Athlete Choice= 10 Strict Pull Ups, 10 Strict Ring Rows, 10 Db Bent Over Row

Fitness:  3 sets:  
10-12 reps of
Lat Pull Down
Ball Slam
Side Med Ball throw or Palof Press 

3 Rounds
1:00 Stations
:20 Transition b/t Stations
1:00 Rest b/t Rounds

Station 1
Max WB Ground to Overhead

Station 2
Max Up Downs

Station 3
Max Box Step Ups

Station 4
Max Cal Row

Cashout: 21-Day Summer Shred Ab Challenge, Day 2!