“Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.”


Warm Up: EMOM x 5
1) Down and backs
2) Jump Rope 
3) Bike
4) DB Good Morning 
5) Plank 

*In this wave loading scheme, weights in the second half should meet or exceed first half

On a 14 Minute Running Clock..
Db Alt Front Rack Lunges
Box Jump 
Kb Swing 

Fitness: 3 sets 
5/5 Single Leg RDL 
7/7 Chain Saw
10 Band Pull Apart 

3 Rounds:
400m Row/Run 
15 Deadlifts 
10 Ring Rows
10 Step Up
1 Prowler Push 

Finisher; 3 sets: 
30 Weighted Hollow Flutter Kicks
15 Glute Bridge + 15 sec hold in top bridge position on last rep