Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. – Joshua Marine


Warm Up: EMOM: 20 sec transition 

1) 10/8 Cal Bike 

2) Farmers Carry 

3) Prowler Push Down and Back 

4) Banded Tri Cep Pull Down 

5) Hollow Rock or Hold 

2 x 10:  
Front/ Lat Delt Raise 
Db Good Morning 

5 sets: Building in weight 
5 Heavy Ball Toss Over Shoulder
7 Arnold or Push Press
10 Bent Row 

1:00 Jump Rope
2:00 Max Bike
3:00 Max Sit Ups 
4:00 Max Step Ups (add a vest if possible) 
5:00 Max Row 

Cashout:  Friday Special