Warm Up: 

EMOM x 5 

1) 225/175m Row 

2) Farmer Carry 

3) Arm Circle (small keeping palms up) 

4) Jump Rope 

5) Prowler Down and Back 

3 sets: 8-6-4-2 Strict Press 
*first set light; build each set to moderate load

2 Rounds: 2:00 Minute stations 
*No rest b/t stations 
2:00 rest b/t rounds 

Station 1 
Max Wall Ball 

Station 2
1:00 Push Ups
1:00 Plank 

Station 3 
Max Db Snatch 

Station 4
Cal Bike (50-60RPM) (40-50rpm)
*find a pace you can maintain

Cashout:  Coaches Choice