Warm Up: 
400m or down and backs


Performance: For max reps at each station: perform all 8 rounds before moving on

  • Tabata dumbbell shoulder presses
  • Tabata weighted jumping lunges
  • Tabata ring dips
  • Tabata weighted walking lunges
  • Tabata dumbbell push presses

Men: 30-lb. dumbbells
Women: 20-lb. dumbbells

Tabata: 8/4/2

  • Thruster/ Lat Over 
  • Ball Slam/ Ring Row 
  • Bike/ Plank 
  • Prowler Push/ walking curl 

*alternate moves until 8 rounds of work is complete (4 of each)  then repeat at 4 rounds total and 2.  


Extra Credit:  4 rounds Tabata
Flutter/ sit ups/ In and Outs/ R-twist

*alternate moves each time