Jennifer Wil On half marathon.jpg

Warm Up: 
Down and Backs: 

  • 30 Banded good mornings 
  • Hip Swings 
  • Cobra 

Tabata (20 secs on and 10 secs off, for 8 intervals) of each movement – for a total of 32 intervals. Score is total number of reps completed in all intervals.


Tabata Deadlift (185/135 lb)

Tabata Hang Power Clean (135/85 lb)

Tabata Front Squat (95/55 lb)

Bench Press or Floor Press (95/55 lb)

1 minute Rest between exercises

*scale weight as needed 


Tabata 4 rounds each move 2 times through

Rope Slam 

Air Squat 

Floor Press w/ Feet elevated (hollow position) 

Ring Rows  

Single Arm Plank 

Cashout:  Coaches Choice