Training For Life

Training for life.  As that most wonderful time of the year (i.e. another birthday) draws close I like to evaluate my goals. With each passing year those goals change a little. I moan and groan about joint pain and slower recovery time that comes with aging, but then I step back and look around and I’m ashamed.   I ashamed that I open my mouth to complain when I think about the Queen Mother of Belgium who began yoga at 85 – by trying her first headstand!   Or the Iron Nun, Sister Madonna Buder.   The 86-year-old nun is a record-breaking Ironman triathlete and star of Nike's "Unlimited Youth" campaign.  These ladies are the real inspiration as birthdays come and go.   

Short term goals are great.  Training for a wedding or a beach vacation are great motivators, but after you reach a few short term goals it’s good to look down the road at the LOOONG term goals.  My new goal for is: Train now, so I can train forever.  I want to be running for years to come, lifting for decades to come and doing yoga for the rest of my life. My regimen may change. My motivation may change.  My body may change, but the desire to move and be best possible version of myself will never change.