On Ramp Group Pricing!!


Are you nervous about jumping right into our Daily Workouts?  

Have no fear, because we are now offering a special on our On-Ramps!!

The On-Ramp is a 5 part personal training program designed to prepare you to join The Crunch's general population.  Your trainer will take you through all of the basic moves we do on a daily basis.  They will also cover a majority of the barbell exercises we do from week to week.  If there are mobility or range of motion problems that we have to overcome, our trainers have become very adept at finding an alternative to any move.

The first part of the On-Ramp will consist of our Strength/Skill portion.  This is where we take you through the major barbell moves that we perform regularly.  These consist of the Squat, the Press, the Deadlift, and the Bench Press.  We also take you through variations of these moves.  After the barbell moves, we take you through the moves that you will do in that day's Met-Con.

After we take you through your Strength/Skill portion of that day's session, we take you through a Met-Con.  A Met-Con (or metabolic conditioning) refers to exercises that increase the storage and delivery of energy for physical activity. All training requires use of the muscles to produce energy; what distinguishes metabolic conditioning is how energy is created, how it is used and how rapidly it is expended.  These Met-Cons will slowly increase in difficulty throughout the On-Ramp and will always use the moves you have learned.

Once we finish our Met-Con, there may be a Cash-Out.  Depending on how well you take to the workout, and if you have anything left in the tank, your trainer will take you through a quick, high-intensity circuit.  This part of the On Ramp doesn't always happen, but we like to throw it in if we think you can take it.

Finally, we go through a cool down process.  We make sure you are well stretched out, so you don't spend the next few days in agony.  All of the major muscle groups that we used that day will get stretched out.  This is a good spot to work on any mobility issues that we have noticed.

The special we are running right now is for yourself and a couple friends.  We want you to workout with someone you're comfortable with because it is always easier to get started and to stick with it when you have someone holding you accountable, and vice versa.  Each person will pay $100 for the On-Ramp.  But, don't worry if you're not feeling us.  The first workout is always free, so there is no commitment to pay until after the first workout is over with.  

So, if you are nervous about hopping right into the mix, call today and get yourself and a few friends booked!!

(618) 535-9766 (Jerseyville)
jvillecrunch@gmail.com (Jerseyville)
(618) 980-9664 (Hardin)
thecrunchmax@gmail.com (Hardin)