What's In My Gym Bag??

Everyday I walk into the gym carrying my bag.  It seems to get heavier week after week because I am always adding new toys that help me on my way to reaching my goals.  Some things I don't find necessary, others I can't live without.  I've experimented with many different contraptions, gizmos, and gear.  I'm going to break down what I currently have in my bag, so you might have an understanding why I carry what I do.

First and foremost I have my running, met-con shoes.  I've tried a couple different versions of the Nano, and I liked them until I came across these Inov-8s.  I really like the feel of a zero drop shoe when I do decide to do some running because I'm not a heel striker.  The soles are pretty hard, which takes some getting used to, but that means I can still do deadlift and squat and not have to put my lifters on.

Next up are my all around gym shoes.  These are the shoes like I like to wear when I plan on having a lifting session.  I wear these when I train because they are also very flat.  My go to when deadlift is on the menu.

The last set of shoes I wear at the gym are my lifters.  I don't have the greatest ankle flexion, so I wear these when squatting heavy and to do my olympic lifts.  If I'm not doing one of those things, these stay in the bag.  You might wonder why I would spend so much for a pair of very specific shoes, but I'll never have to buy another pair.