Keep Pushing

You must begin to pluck the negative thoughts from your mind like you would weeds from a garden.  Don't ask yourself the wrong questions, the brain will always find an answer...If you ask yourself why am I not skinnier, it will come up with some sort of answer why your not good enough..We can also use this to our advantage, 

Ask yourself what can I do today better than I did yesterday?  How can I become the best me?  What steps do I need to take?  Is there more I could be doing?  We must use this to our advantage and ask ourselves empowering questions.  

Vision yourself the way you dream to be and live from that place.  Act like you are already there..Eat what he or she would eat, workout and think like he or she would.  Leave affirmations around your house and car that you will see daily...Example:  I am strong, I am powerful, I am in the greatest shape of my life.....  Failure is not an option...Once you make that decision it is over.  We all believe in you and you should to. Keep doing what your doing and try to improve a little bit each day.