January Member Of The Month

candice MOM.jpg

Candice schell

Years At the crunch:  3+

Trainer Comments:

“Candice’s dedication to working out is inspiring.” - Shannon Dunham

“Unbelieveable work ethic. If you beat her daily score, she let you win.”  - Adam Hickson

“Knowing how to push yourself to your absolute limits isn't something you can learn. That takes drive, determination, and grit. Those are three qualities that Candice embodies.” - Mitch Bowers


Congratulations Candice!!


December Member Of The Month

greg mom.jpg

Greg Ringhausen

Years At the crunch:  2+

Trainer Comments:

“Greg defies time and is a constant source of inspiration amongst other members. It’s impossible to give anything but your best when you see him work.” - Adam Hickson

“Greg’s positive energy is infectious. He was a pioneer in the fitness development of many of the crunch trainers as teenagers, including myself!” - Nate Sagez

"When I think about how I envision my own fitness future, all I have to do is picture Greg.  He was the first person to start me on my fitness journey when I was in 8th grade and it has been a pleasure repaying the kindness." - Mitch Bowers


Congratulations Greg!!