36-24-36—Only if she's 5'3….

Just like most women, ok ALL women, I've let society get to me.  I've let society dictate what my body should look like, what the ideal body looks like, and what the perfect body looks like, from the ideal weight to the perfect hair-cut for your face shape .  But, lets be real, I'm 5'3 and if "Perfect" is long, lean legs I just don't see how I'm going to achieve that.  And, as for hair-cuts, I leave that up to my cousin who is an expert in that field (I begged for bangs once, she won't let me get them again).  

Outside of my "Pays the Bills" job, I work at The Crunch, where I have met some of the most amazing women, whom I rarely would have seen on a weekly basis had they not joined the gym and paid me to "torture" them (their words, not mine).  In the last two years, I've worked closely with a handful of women, talking to them about their struggles weight wise, their fears, their goals, most of, if not all of them have my cell phone number and weekly I'm contacted about a struggle, a frustration, or a Thank you (my favoriteJ).  The biggest struggle with everyone is "weight."   I've heard, "I've been going at this for 3 weeks and haven't lost a pound." "I've been coming 4 days a week, for 4 months and haven't lost a pound."  "I lost 15 pounds right away and can't lose anymore."   One, that is why I run them through this list of questions, "Ignoring the scale, How do you feel? How do your clothes fit? Do you have more energy?"  Every time, EVERY TIME, I've asked this I get back positive answers!  They feel better, their clothes are looser, and they have more energy!! 

Ladies!! LISTEN UP!  WHY? WHY??!! Are we letting a NUMBER, #, No., Numero, CONTROL US?    Why does that number control us so much? Why does it dictate are mood, outfit, meals, plans? Why? Why? Why?  Would you let your husband, boyfriend, next door neighbor, etc. pick out your outfits every day, tell you what mood you will be in that day and what you will eat that day? No, there is no way in hell you would!  So, why do we let a number on the scale do that to us?   Why do we let something so meaning less make us feel so small and terrible?  Have you ever felt really good about yourself, know you've been eating good and working hard in the gym, and then you go and step on the scale and BOOM, the number isn't what you thought it would be?!  In a matter of moments you went from happy and positive to defeated and upset.  Believe me, I've been that girl, I've defeated myself, and I've beaten down myself? Any why? Because a tiny, little, number made me do it.

Ladies WE are better than that number, we are SO much more than that number!  Don't let that number dictate who you are and what you feel!  If you are putting in the time and effort, everything else will follow suit, I promise!   So, do yourself a favor, if you're someone who is guilty of letting the scale control you, get rid of it; you'll be happy you did.  Be Healthy, Be Happy, and Be the best version of YOU!  

Stay Awesome!