The Trainers

Nate Sagez

Nate is the owner and operator. He leads with a positive attitude that is contagious and inspires his staff and members. He works to drive change into communities by allowing them to understand their ability to improve their lives. With his help, you'll understand how to make incremental changes that will help you overcome barriers.

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Mitch Bowers

Mitch has gained the name "Honey Badger" because of his "try anything" training methods. His determination to improve his own life has lead him to become an expert in health, fitness and injury prevention. Mitch is a patient, helpful teacher that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

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The community is the heart and soul of the gym.

Our members work together to build an uplifting environment to take on physical and mental challenges each day. By becoming a member, you're joining a family that is focused on improving your health and wellness. Don't take our word on it though, read through what some of our members have to say below.


How We've Helped

Not only will they help you obtain your fitness goals, but it will introduce you to a new you that you will love as well as introduce you to many new faces who you will start calling your “gym family.” I love positive atmosphere that it has, as well as the extra push I sometimes need!
— Hannah Beth
I just joined and have only been four days and absolutely love it! Never have I been pushed this far and I can feel myself becoming addicted! I love how you can just stop in and a trainer is waiting and ready to help you. I’m ready to be the strongest I’ve ever been.
— Cassi Kuehnel
I started at The Jerseyville Crunch about a month ago, it was a way for me and my best friend to get together and get in shape! I started seeing results immediately. I’m feeling stronger and I know I’m improving ( at the beginning I could only do one V-Up, now I’m knocking them out!) I love going knowing that I will be challenged and pushed to do my best.
— Hannah Heitzig Hutchinson
The effects of being a member are far-reaching. After being a member for two years, I can say that the gym is much more than a place to fit in a workout. It’s a place to get motivated to change your body and how you think about fitness as a whole.
— Trish Stelbrink
I never thought I would join any gym especially one with boot camps, now I can’t imagine life without it. I look forward to my workouts now. The gym’s have wonderful and caring trainers who push you to do your best. Truly enjoy my new workout family and friends!
— Peggy Hagen
Nate is a very positive trainer. It doesn’t matter what physical condition you’re in Nate will set goals you can obtain and have you feeling better after your 1st workout.
— Chance Webb