Cardio with Candice

The Cardio Class is led by Candice Schell!

Candice is a cardio enthusiast and has an extensive background in training and working out.

Candice has a great feel for the layout of the gym as she is a member herself!

The Cardio Class utilizes various methods to keep each experience new and challenging.

Classes are slated for 5:00pm every Friday evening, so challenge yourself soon and start your weekend off right!

Kickboxing with Shannon

The Kickboxing Class is led by our own, Shannon Dunham!

Whether you’re looking to increase strength, confidence, coordination, or you’re just after an awesome cardio workout, kickboxing with Shannon will keep you coming back for more.

This class has no experience level and all are welcome. This is a great chance to break out of your current workout routine and add in some change!


Power Yoga with Shannon

The Yoga Class is led by Shannon Dunham!

Shannon has taught just about every class imaginable but finds her niche in Yoga.

Shannon’s vast knowledge of yoga and the variations for everyone make the class an inviting and challenging experience that is extremely rewarding.

Yoga currently takes place each Saturday at 9:00am!


The Circuit Class is led by Mitch Bowers!

Mitch has a tremendous background in training and uses his diverse skill set to produce an excellent circuit-based class.

This class is ever changing and generally has a set number of stations where you will rotate throughout the duration of the class. The environment is upbeat and the workout is gratifying!

Circuit Classes are every Saturday at 8:00am!

Barbell Class with Dave Liston

The Barbell Class is led by Dave Liston!

Dave is an expert in barbell movements and has competed in several competitions throughout his lifting career, ranging from just about every field that you can think of.

The goal of this class is to improve your barbell proficiency and to attack your deficiencies to make you as effective as possible.

The class is offered on Wednesdays at 6:00pm.  

The Lifting Team

The Lifting Class is led by Adam Hickson and Dave Liston!

The two of these individuals have a long history of lifting weights and competing.

Both regularly compete throughout the year and are knowledgeable in just about every competitive lifting field there is.

The goal of this class is to come together as a team and train instead of just working out.

We would love to find your passion and work towards putting you in a position to compete and be your best in doing so!

Lifting takes place every Saturday at 10:00am.

The Vitality Program

The capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence is the textbook definition of vitality. For us here at The Crunch, we believe that by increasing your

physical fitness, strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination any person can reverse their current state and instill more vitality into their lives!

So who would be eligible for this Vitality program? The program will be geared towards anyone aged 55 or older who has limited to no experience in the gym. Aside from feeling better overall, this program will focus on increasing bone density, reinforcing tendons, and strengthening ligaments while sharpening your brain-body connection.

There is more to life than working out but working out puts more in your life!

Personal Training

We work with you to design a specific program that meets your fitness level and schedule. Whether you’re an athlete wanting to elevate your performance, or a mother looking to tone up we have the experience to help you achieve your goals. We’ll be there with you each step of the way to motivate and instruct. If you’re serious about training, then our personal training will be your best choice.


Schedule is crafted to fit your needs.


Our boot camps consist of team weightlifting moves, endurance challenges, abdominal work, and more. All classes can be adjusted to meet any fitness level. Come join a great group of people and make progress in your fitness together.

Calhoun Schedule:
Mon: 7pm - Bootcamp

Wednesday: 6pm Bootcamp 

Thurs: 7pm - Bootcamp

Sat:  9am - Bootcamp