True Health

Very often I get the question, “What do I need to eat?”.  Ninety-nine percent of the time what people are really saying is, “What do I need to eat to lose weight?”.  With so much information, confusing articles, fad diets, and other products promising rapid weight loss it is hard to navigate what is truly safe and effective advice.  

When starting with this question, I ask you to consider what are your other goals?  Maybe you want to lose weight, but are you also feeling tired all the time on your current diet and wish to gain more vitality and energy?  Maybe you want to be able to chase your kids around, or fit in that kids ride with them at the fair so they don’t have to go alone?  Maybe you we’re recently diagnosed with high blood pressure?  Or maybe, your mother recently died of cancer or your father had a heart attack, and you want to be healthier and prevent that fate in honor of them.  

My typical reply to the question is suggesting that people start out eating more whole foods.  These are foods that have ONE ingredient such as an apple or almonds.  Maybe you don’t feel like you enjoy eating many of those foods?  My best advice is to start out adding in more and more of what you DO like, and you will begin to drown out the “bad” foods.  Believe it or not, over time your palate will change and you will begin to actually CRAVE healthy, whole foods!  

Certainly, there are more aggressive weight loss methods out there, many filling your body with questionable chemicals that will have even more questionable effects on your body into the future, or so severely reducing your calories that you feel sluggish and “hangry” all the time.  But hey, maybe you will be skinny.  Is skinny really the only answer?  Will being skinny make you happy?  

Maybe rather than focusing on “skinny”, we should try focusing on health!  There are many possible side effects of weight loss supplements, but what are the side effects of eating more HEALHTY, WHOLE, NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS and getting outside and MOVING our bodies?  How about energy, improved digestion, better sleep, more clear skin, enhanced athletic performance, boosting your mood, WEIGHT LOSS, and the list goes on and on!  Let’s flip our mind frame.  We have the power to change our bodies, our health, and our lives for the better.  Our goal is not skinny, our goal is happy, healthy, and strong!