Sweat With Sydney


Sweat With Sydney

  • 5 Personal Training Sessions

  • Clean Eating Guidance

  • Accountability

  • Daily Motivation

Fitness is the healthy lifestyle created through the Journey of overcoming the Mind and Body. It can absolutely become an integrated part of who YOU are and WANT to be. START Sweating the pounds off here with Sydney’s 5 session Package.

We will work together, form a fitness plan, and get after YOUR goals.

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Sydney’s Kick Start package will include 5 personal training sessions. The Purpose of the Kick Start Package is to locate your strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities in the gym.

The sessions will be built to enhance your strengths, lessen your weaknesses, and improve your gym capabilities. Communication is everything; your sessions will be structured workouts based on YOUR preferences. Fitness is Fun! With the Sweat with Sydney Kick Start Package, you too can definitely make fitness a part of your lifestyle.

About Me…

Being an athlete my whole life, I stayed fit for the most part... I am also blessed with phenomenal genetics. HOWEVER, the struggle remained.. Despite all of my hard work on the basketball courts and in the gym, I could never see my abs and I never Felt Healthy.. I was still, as my little brother liked to call it, a “cute chubby.” SMH, well, one day early in 2017, I woke up and decided NO MORE. I wanted to stop this unhealthy living NOW. No more eating whatever I want. No more sleeping in hours past the time I should. I WAS READY TO BE THE HEALTHIEST VERSION OF MYSELF.. and so, I went after it full force..
Now, 1 year and roughly 30 pounds later.. I feel BETTER than EVER. With positive physical changes developing, many positive mental changes came as well.. I no longer crave fried, greasy, or sweet foods like I used to. Those foods do NOT make me feel good or look good for that matter.. I know this now and have developed an assimilation.
Moral of this- I am living proof that with a determined mind set, YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH your fitness goals, CREATE a healthy lifestyle, & change your life for the better.
-Sydney White JUNE 18th 2018

Hey Guys!
I am here now with The Calhoun Crunch and it has been quite some time since I first wrote my first initial “About Me.” I wanted to start though with my first one because, if you are looking this far into my Training, YOU should know how amazing and MOTIVATED I felt AFTER ONLY 1 YEAR of cleaning up my act… IN and OUT of the Gym.
This is real Life and these are REAL results. No FAD diets, NO INSANE workouts, JUST good ole’ consistent gym time and healthy eating! 21 days to Start a HABIT and 90 days to Construct a LIFESTYLE… Once you get ahold of those two life aspects, & WITH MY HELP, this whole Fitness world is YOURS! Whether it is maintaining a figure, building a figure, or CUTTING down in weight and size, I HAVE you covered with the assistance and knowledge on how on how to do just that..
Now, It is early 2019, and I have been practicing clean eating, consistent gym time, and fitness coaching (online & now with the Crunch) for SOME time now! a Fitness Centered Lifestyle and HEALTHY LIVING is my absolute Passion. Helping others feel as good as I did, while working with them through their fitness journey and achieving ultimate health is what I strive for.. It’s using what I have learned to do, and helping others do the same!
My philosophy is, when when it comes to my Personal Trainees; “Without 100% of you effort, 0% of mine matters.” -SydWhiteFitness
It is truly INCREDIBLE what we can do.. First, Mentally and then the Physically changes that come! An amazing process I love seeing with my trainees at The Calhoun Crunch!


Don’t just take our word for it, check out what clients have had to say:

When I first decided I wanted to do personal training sessions, it was because I had been going through a hard time for quite a while. I knew I needed a change and I was willing to do ANYTHING to get that change I wanted. Since I had already been a member of The Crunch, I knew that’s where I wanted to go. So, I went to The Crunch website, emailed them, and told them I wanted to do personal training sessions and they got back to me immediately. It was THAT EASY.

When Nate contacted me, we sat down, talked, and told me he thought Sydney White would be the best fit for me. Our sessions got set up right away, I met with Sydney, and we immediately hit it off! Let me tell you, Nate knows what he is talking about!! Sydney has not only taken me through a process physically, but mentally as well. I have NEVER felt more confident and happy in my life. She will constantly remind you that it is okay to fail, and she will be with you every step of the way to success. She gives you the motivation and mental PUSH that you need in a process like this to remain consistent.

As far as where I am physically, I have never been in better shape. I have never looked so good or felt so healthy. I have never achieved this in such a quick amount of time either! I have only been with Sydney a few months and the results speak for themselves by the way I feel mentally and the way I look physically. With Sydney, not only do you get a motivator, a driving force, and well put together workouts, but you also get a friend. The Crunch has truly and overwhelmingly changed my life! I still have a lot of work to do and I’ve only just begun!!