New Year Kickstart


New Year Kickstart


New Year Kickstart!

Are you ready for 2019 to be your best year yet?!  We are ready to help you with all of your health and fitness goals!  This is the perfect time to get started with other like-minded individuals that will inspire and encourage you to reach your full potential.  

Our New Year Kickstart class will be held every Monday for 4 weeks starting on January 7th at 7 p.m.  This class will be focused on setting you up for long term success by ensuring safe movement patterns and encouragement to keep you on track.  

Joining this class will give you 24/7 access to our gym and a variety of class options!  PLUS we will also be offering free body measurement to be taken before and after the 4 week program to help track your progress!

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Check out one of our past Crunch Kickstart success stories!

In October of 2014 I entered the Crunch for the first time. I was 203 pounds. I couldn't walk up a flight of steps without wheezing. I was embarrassed to be around my kids and their friends. Facebook posted an intoductory course starting at the Crunch. So I took a chance. I was so sore. I was out of breath. But I was hooked. 
I started 2 days a week with boot camps. Gradually worked my way into small group classes 3 days a week. Every week I got stronger and more flexible.  
One piece was still missing. Running. I hated it. I stunk at it. So. I tackled it the Crunch way. I set a goal. 5k. I was going to run it. I was going to get better. And I did. I ran my first 5k in a blizzard. 2 years later I ran a half marathon, and am currently training for a 15k. 
Crunch workouts 3 days a week. Running 3 days a week. I live for all of it. I can breathe, I can move, I can participate with my kids and grandkids. 

Goal was set in 2014 to get down to pre kids weight of 150 pounds. By the end of the month I will be down 53 pounds and will have met my goal! 
Fitness has saved me. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


Jen, we are so proud of you!