"The 2nd Day of Crunchmas"

Opening Up Your Hips

Brought to you by Mitch Bowers


Do you have trouble getting your hips to open up?  Or do you have a hip impingement?  This nasty little piece of torture is sure to help you out in those regards.  Enjoy!!

This is a great variation to the above stretch, especially if your hip flexors are particularly sticky.  Let the band pull you into the deepest lunge possible and spend some time there.  Remember to go to your happy place and BREATHE!!

This has quickly become my go to pre squat and deadliest routine.  I do other things besides this, but I am always throwing this in. If your hips still feel sketchy, hit the foam roller!!

This nasty little devil is known as "The Fragon."  It's a mixture of a Dragon Pose and a Frog Pose.  Try hitting different angles every time you do this stretch.  It is a staple in the ROMWOD routines that I do every morning.  Prepare the groins!!

Are you frustrated with your lack of mobility, pain throughout the day, low strength, and  low energy?  As we age, it is extremely important to continue living a healthy and active lifestyle!!  Let me know if I can be of any help on your path to longevity, strength, and a pain free life!!